The Best of Both Worlds: Our Top Picks for Dual Fuel Grills

The BBQ is much more than a simple dinner. This social event can take place during the week, or on Sundays. You need to be sure that your guests are happy when hosting a BBQ. While the classic BBQ usually consists of mostly meat-based dishes, you’ll need to include vegetarian options and cater to children as well. This essentially involves adding some variety into your BBQ. Read more now on Our Top Picks for Dual Fuel Grills

If you think about the typical barbeque, you may imagine fatty and juicy steaks or quarter-pound burgers. However, you also need to consider how much cholesterol you are consuming and provide some side dishes that will complement your meal. If you’re cooking for family or friends on a barbeque, it’s important to consider their diets. Red meat is not recommended for children, and you should think about other options.

The most popular foods to grill are chicken pieces, ribs or steaks. Other favorites include sausages, stick kebabs and jacket potatoes. Here’s a word of caution about the way you prepare the food. Chicken is especially dangerous. The food gets left outside in the heat of the day when people have barbeques. To avoid stomach upsets, or even worse, you can pre-cook the thick and large meats like the chicken and place them directly on the barbecue to finish. The meat will taste great and be properly cooked through the bones.

For vegetarians, picky eaters, dieters, and children, a good burger and some chipolata will do. You can also make tofu or bean burgers if you are not willing to serve meat outside in the heat. They can easily be prepared alongside the meats and will satisfy vegetarians. If you are on a strict diet, try making stick kebabs which have large amounts of vegetables in them. Or, make pure vegetable sticks using traffic lights peppers. These taste delicious even when barbecuing.

Think about other food you can offer. It doesn’t matter that you have a barbecue if you don’t cook all your food on it. You can serve a nice side salad, some chips and dip and, of course, a wide variety of sauces with your meats. It’s not necessary to only serve plain white bread. Show off your culinary skills by serving “pan de tomate”. This Spanish staple is composed of warm farmhouse bread, topped with a generous amount of tomato pulp and olive oil. Fresh garlic and rosemary are also added.

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