Moldavite Meditation Tips

Grounding and centering are good for any crystal meditation. But it is especially important when you’re meditating using moldavite. Try to master a preferred technique for a few days before adding moldavite. This will ensure that you don’t feel too grounded by this powerful Inner Vision Crystals.

Many people meditate by placing moldavite on their foreheads in the area of the third eye. This may be too intense for some people. You can also hold the crystal in your hands or place it on the heart chakra.

A crystal journal is a good idea to record any impressions that you get. It is a great idea to keep a crystal journal, especially if you are trying to make contact with the otherworldly. You might get insights that aren’t immediately obvious, but they will become clearer over time as you meditate with moldavite.

Moldavite Flush

Moldavite flush is an expression for the effect that some people feel when working with this crystal. When you hold it or carry it around, it can feel hot.

Moldavite gloss can be influenced largely by the surrounding rock. Locations with sandy gravel sediment are good for moldavites. The matte moldavites are found in clay sediments. Moldavites that have been transported long distances by rivers are also matte. They have an abrided top.

The shine of moldavite will begin to change after it has been extracted from the sediment. Moldavites slowly lose their original shine. This is especially evident in older finds. Museums often have moldavites with a tarnished exterior. The tarnished surface is caused by the presence of aggresive chemicals in the atmosphere. It is very slow, however.

Good luck in moldavite hunting!

It is the only known gemstone with an “extraterrestrial origin” (not from this Earth). It is also associated with the Star card in the Tarot. It is also a direct link with the Heart Chakra. Moldavite encourages one to engage with the heart, and helps to bring back that radiant pink glow that is associated unconditional love. This stone is a great way to connect with the beautiful pink (or green!) resonance of your heart. Wow! Wow! It’s no wonder that it can sometimes be intimidating to those who are not aware of its power. It is full of releasing and relinquishing energies that you need to be prepared for. However, inviting one of these lovely pieces into your life is already a mirroring that at some level. It is a celestial stone of transformation. However, not all stones can be used for everyone.