Choosing Knives for Kitchen Work: German Versus Japanese Style

Knives are vital for chefs. You can enjoy cooking with it, and it is faster and easier. Even casual cooks can cook for people, even those who make meals daily for their families. But, we don’t think knives are necessary. My sister and mother, who cook almost every single day of their lives, will happily use any cheap set of kitchen knives from These knives are crucial for someone like my brother in chief or me, a wannabe cook who cooks just once a week.

Japanese design and German style are two of the most preferred professional knives. It all comes down to what style you prefer. Wusthof knives (the “J.A.”) and Henckels are two examples of German-style knives. German-style knives can be found in Wusthof knives and Henckels (the J.A.” Henckels” brand). Shuns and Global, two Japanese-style knives, are just a few examples. Professionals as well as serious amateurs can own both Japanese style knives and may also have multiple brands in their kitchen. There are many areas where you can touch and feel knives.

German-style knives tends to be heavier with a solid feel in your hands. These knives are tough and sturdy and can withstand almost any punishment, just as a German Tank. A German chef’s knife that is strong and multipurpose will do any job. These knives are the most widely used. Japanese-style knives were not popular until a few recent years.

Japanese knives can be used for many purposes and are lighter than American-style knives. They can be sharpened, but not sharp enough to be able to cut at bones. German knives are sharper than Japanese knives. Japanese knives look more like a Porsche and Lotus rather than German knives.