Why is your church required to have a website?

96% of pastors use technology at church, many use it during sermons and many have their own websites. This can prove problematic since millions of potential churchgoers, as well as churchgoers, search our site Internet daily for information about their place of worship.

These are some of the reasons you should get involved in building church websites.

1. Your website will keep your congregation active, engaged, and informed.

Research has shown that over 60% of churchgoers consider the website crucial for their participation in church (CRCNA.org).

Your church’s website should contain valuable information such as community bulletins or event calendars, volunteer signup forms, blog posts and podcasts. You will also provide opportunities for congregation members to stay informed about what is happening at their church as well as any events and programs your church sponsors.

2. A website allows you to easily share event calendars, bulletins, or service programs.

Instead of printing calendars, program details, and bulletins every month or every few week and sending them out, you can simply upload them to your site and share.

Apart from saving money and decreasing your paper trail, your website will be able easily to update information about your programs and calendars at any time. It will be possible to register for events and programs online, which will make organization and tracking much simpler.

3. Your website presents your leadership and programs to people.

Make a page on the church’s website that includes bios of your pastors, co-pastors and youth pastors. The public will need to know their background and areas of expertise before they are allowed into your church. They will also have information about the programs and services you provide.

Potential congregation members will feel more at home when visiting your church in person if they have access to such information online.