Stop Your Puppy From Chewing On You

Puppy are just like small children. Puppies are like small children. Their mouths explore the world, while puppies chew and learn. Puppies can start to teethe when they’re 6 months old. Unfortunately for them, these behaviors will not change as they get older. You need to tell your dog which behavior is acceptable. But how can you do it? Here are some tips. If you are looking for an amazing puppy with a verified breeder you can look it up on 12 Essential Puppy Training Tips

TIP 1: Make sure your house is puppy-proof. Place all items that could be chewed away (hide shoes in cabinets, don’t allow children to play with toys on the ground), hide socks, eyeglasses and remotes.

TIP 2 Buy multiple toys that he is able to chew on. Avoid using old socks and shoes as he will not be able to use them. Although soft squeak toys work well for young puppies and games of fetch, they are not durable enough for chewing exercise.

TIP 3 Limiting access to the living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchen is a good idea.

TIP 4 Don’t let your dog chew something it shouldn’t. Instead, interrupt his behavior by making loud noises and giving him a toy that he can chew. Remember to be calm and reliable rather than emotional.

TIP 5 Teach your puppy how to avoid biting any part of the body. Did you also know that biting loved ones is an attempt to establish dominance.


TIP 7 Never punish your dog after it has happened. If something is found chewed on the dog’s mouth, you cannot do anything about it. Puppies are conditioned to associate punishment with their actions at the time they’re being punished.

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