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Wikipedia defines website performance in terms of the speed with which web pages are displayed and downloaded on the browser. Backlinking, indexing and low server memory are all factors that negatively impact website performance. A slow website will cause your site visitors to leave. This is why you should conduct regular SEO audits to identify issues such as high load times. How an SEO audit tool like [Ninja SEO] will help you speed up your site. Read more now on seo expert london

It is therefore very important that your eCommerce website has a high performance. It’s easy to identify a website that is slow, but it can be difficult to determine what causes it to slow down. This is why an SEO audit is necessary. An SEO audit tool can not only reveal what is slowing down your site, but it will also grade the pages according to SEO scores. Such tools also provide solutions for on-page errors.

If businesses want to make the most of their websites and get the best results, they should prioritize an SEO audit. Websites have become a critical tool in a time like this when COVID-19 mitigation has forced businesses to rethink how they conduct business. It is indeed unusual for businesses to use SEO as a way of driving traffic.

Monica Oneil, a social media marketer, agrees that SEO can be competitive but is the most effective method to drive traffic to your site.

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