Craigslist Advertising That Works – Selling More Products – Making Your Ad Postings Stand Apart From the Rest

Marketers may find the time required to advertise on Craigslist a challenge. Marketers are quick to forget that people shop with their eyes first and often do not realize the importance of being first to market with products. Remember, first impressions are important and you rarely get another chance. Craigslist has so much competition today, it is essential to be unique. You can see Craigslist Posting Services for more information.

To help your prospect decide on your product/service, here are some guidelines:

1.) 1.)

Ad copy should make a lasting impression. It doesn’t mean that you have to be clever and charming with your copy. When you are presenting your ad copy to your customer, make sure that it contains a problem statement that only your product can solve.

For example, you could use statements such:

How to naturally cure your arthritis…
Stop Migraine Headaches
Make More Money Online

2.) 2.)

Post multiple ads to Craigslist to get free advertising. Your ads will not be flagged duplicates if you do not distinguish them. Post on every day of each week if you have the time.

3.) Use images for your ads

Images can help your ads look more professional. Images will make your ads look better and help distinguish you from other marketers. Craigslist marketers fail to use images and miss out on clickable images which redirect to their websites.

4.) 4.) Keep your ads simple

Craigslist advertising needs to be short and sweet. Most people don’t have enough time to read through the text of your product listing when they search your ads. Craigslist ads can be simplified to put a call to actions that will make those interested. For more information, please link out to the sells page.

5.) 6.)

A Craigslist Account allows you to make it simpler to manage each of the ad campaigns. Many marketers don’t want to do this step for any reason. Posting is a great feature that comes with creating an account. If your ad becomes flagged, you can easily return to your account and post the ad within 48-hours. You will have to start from scratch if your account is not created.

6.) Relevance is Key

Your ad should not be miscategorized in an attempt to spam Craigslist. If it doesn’t, the system and workers at Craigslist will flag you. Remember that you are dealing in a community.

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