Chinese Painting Techniques

Four Gentlemen Painting

The painting shows four men. Each of the four men refers to an orchid continue reading.

Paintings of aquatic fishes

It is a subject used by many artists to show their desire for the ideal lifestyle.

Lotus and Colouring Paints

Lotus stands for a unique gentleman. It will promote painting styles, and the history of lotus. Zhang Daqian invented new ways of portraying the lotus.

Landscape Painting

Landscape paintings were painted in many different ways during ancient times. It included sketches, travel, modeling, and the expression of emotion.

This art form is a traditional Chinese expression, which uses pigments, ink, brushes, ink sticks or slabs, paper and brushes to paint both imaginary and realistic objects. This art is divided into many different forms, including New-Year pictures, scroll paintings (also called murals), engravings, and more.

Chinese paintings do not constitute a scientific discipline or a form of art. Chinese paintings can be divided into two main categories: ink and color. The two types of Chinese paintings can be further divided by their tools and materials, such as the use of oil, water-color, or gouache.

Chinese paintings are classified by the uses they serve. Murals, serial images for the New Year, illustrations and more can all be included. Chinese paintings can be classified by their themes. They can be divided into landscape and figures. Chinese painting, with its style and unique techniques, can be compared in some ways to Western oil art.

Chinese tradition places great emphasis on the essence of the picture, the vibrancy and energy of the pictures, and their beauty and vitality. Chinese painting and culture are based on the Chinese core values. Chinese people never cease to pursue this goal as a nation. Oriental Painting includes it as a key element.

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